Going green!

The rooftop aerial

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts is committed to reducing its environmental impact. To this end, the School has signed up to the Green Impact project and more information on the University involvement may be found here. The University of Kent is a participating partner is this project.

As part of the commitment to the Green Impact Agenda, this section of the School website has been created. At the time of writing the School has just submitted its workbook for the initial Green Impact assessment. We aim to make this a continuing process and more information on projects and initiatives within the School should find their way here soon.

Our initial activities have centred around:

  • Reducing energy consumption - utilising power saving features of newer devices
  • Reducing paper consumption - duplex printing and other initiatives
  • Reducing usage of heating and airconditioning - posters and education are helping here
  • Recycling - everything we can! (Paper, cardboard, batteries, bottles, cans etc.)
  • Many other smaller initiatives

We remain convinced that there is much more we can do in this area. If you are reading this and you think you may be able to help, please Contact Us.

The Green Impact Team - School of Engineering and Digital Arts

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Last Updated: 20/03/2014