Broadband and Wireless Communications

The research activities of the group are directed towards components, technologies and techniques and subsystems for high-frequency, high bit-rate wireless systems operating from RF to THz frequencies.

The group is actively involved in national and international projects and has an international reputation. The group is well equipped with a wide range of laboratory and computing facilities and diverse software packages for teaching and research support. Both commercial and in-house software tools enable designing of microwave, RF, optoelectronics and antenna systems and then testing them with network and spectrum analysers (up to 300 GHz), on-wafer prober, and high quality anechoic chambers. The main anechoic chamber has been recently completely refurbished at a cost of £400,000. Its operating frequency range is from 500MHz to 80 GHz. Full workshop facilities include a PCB/printed antenna milling machine for producing printed antennas and circuits.

Some members of the group also form part of the Centre for Photonics, which has been formed to exploit synergies between the applied optics research in the School of Physical Sciences and the photonics work in the department. The Centre is to be located within the Electronics Building.

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