Intelligent Interactions

The Intelligent Interactions group has interests in all aspects of information engineering and human-machine interactions. It was formed in 2014 by the merger of the Image and Information Research Group and the Digital Media Research Group.

The group has an international reputation for its work in a number of key application areas. These include: image processing and vision, pattern recognition, interaction design, social, ubiquitous and mobile computing with a range of applications in security and biometrics, healthcare, e-learning, computer games, digital film and animation.

Instrumentation Research

Research Areas

Group Members

Intelligent Interactions Staff

Staff NameJob TitleSubject
Deravi FReader in Information EngineeringPattern Recognition, Image Processing, Computer Vision
Fairhurst MCProfessor of Computer VisionComputer Vision, Image Processing
Guest RMSenior LecturerPattern Recognition, Biometrics and Security, Digital Systems, Software Engineering
Howells WGJReader in Secure Electronic Systems ICMetric based security technology. Biometric and Pattern Recognition techniques
Bobrowicz ASenior Lecturer in Digital ArtsArt History, Digital Culture, Digital Media, Human-Computer Interaction
Walczowski LTSenior Lecturer in Electronic EngineeringInternet Technology, E-Learning, Mobile Applications
Byers Brown DSenior LecturerAnimation
Sirlantzis KLecturer in Image Processing and VisionComputer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Computational Intelligence, Biometrics, Robotics
Hoque SLecturer in Secure Systems EngineeringComputer Vision, Security and Encryption
Wayman JLHonorary Professor of Biometric Indentification TechnologyBiometric Technologies
Ang J (CS)Senior Lecturer in Multimedia/Digital SystemsHuman Computer Interaction, social computing
Miguel-Hurtado OResearch Fellow 
Green MWAssistant LecturerDigital Media, Social Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Web Development
Bin Azhar MAHHonorary Research AssociateComputer Vision and Image Processing
Misek DLecturer in Digital MediaDigital Film Making
Abreu MCDCHonorary Research AssociateWorking with Professor Fairhurst - Multi-source biometric processing
Oliver JVHonorary Research FellowWorking wih Ania Bobrowicz on Engagement with Virtual Worlds
Efstratiou CLecturer in Ubiquitous ComputingUbiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Computing, Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks.
Rashid Mir UResearch Associate 
Haciosman MGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Skowron MKGraduate Teaching AssistantDigital Visual Effects for Film and TV
Robertson JJGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Choudhrey SSGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Epsley BEAssistant Lecturer 
Lee JAGraduate Teaching Assistant 
O'Brien JAGraduate Teaching Assistant 

Intelligent Interactions PG

Student NameSubject
Aldosary SRO 
Alelis G 
Alharthi WJS 
Ali APattern recognition, Image processing, Biometrics
Alshammari A 
Alsufyani H pattern recognition, information fusion, computer vision and image processing
Alsufyani N 
Bagherian E 
Bonner RK 
Catley E 
Chatzisterkotis T 
Chauhan S 
Gherman BG 
Gillham M 
Green MWInvestigation into the Use of Social Networks amongst Adolescents in regards to Peer Aggression and Cyberbullying
Gu C 
Guness SP 
Haji Matyassin HMA 
Hu Y 
Islam T 
Komliki C 
Lee JA 
Li C 
Lorrentz P 
Moser S 
Motoc IM 
Nicholls BPP 
O'Brien JA 
Oprea P 
Pg Hj Mohd Yassin DH 
Putjorn P 
Robertson J 
Rodrigues SJIntelligent Flame Detection Incorporating Burner Condition Monitoring and On-Line Fuel Tracking
Sanjayan S 
Skowron MK 
Spanogianopoulos S 
Wang M 
Wu Q 
Yang S 
Ye B 

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