Postgraduate directory

Instrumentation, Controls and Embedded Systems PG

Student NameSubject
Anelone AJNA Study of the Synergies between Discontinous Control Systems appearing in Biology and Engineering Control Systems
Coombes JR 
Cugley J 
Esdale M 
Henderson MP 
Hopkins MB 
Horne RJ 
Khan MFControl Theory, Control Applications, Computational Biology.
Kilic O 
Liu J 
Mohamed MSK 
Mu J 
Onyeka AE 
Wang L 
Wei MStudy of Financial System Stability using Control Theory

Intelligent Interactions PG

Student NameSubject
Alsedais RAA 
Alsufyani H Pattern Recognition, Information Fusion, Computer Vision and Image Processing
Alsufyani N 
Bagherian E 
Baker JM 
Catley E 
Chauhan S 
Choudhrey S 
Gherman BG 
Green MWDigital Media, Human-Computer Interaction, Web Development
Gu C 
Guness SP 
Hu Y 
Islam T 
Komliki C 
Lee JASocial Networks, Mobile Sensing, Sentiment Analysis, Social Psychology
Li C 
Matsangidou M 
Moser S 
Motoc IM 
Nicholls BPP 
O'Brien JA 
Oprea P 
Otkhmezuri B 
Pan S 
Pg Hj Mohd Yassin DH 
Putjorn P 
Robertson J 
Rodrigues SJIntelligent Flame Detection Incorporating Burner Condition Monitoring and On-Line Fuel Tracking
Sanjayan S 
Spanogianopoulos S 
Wang M 
Wang X 
Ye B 

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