Postgraduate directory

Instrumentation, Controls and Embedded Systems PG

Student NameSubject
Abbadi MDO 
Anelone AJNA Study of the Synergies between Discontinous Control Systems appearing in Biology and Engineering Control Systems
Coombes JR 
Cugley J 
Esdale M 
Henderson MP 
Hopkins MB 
Horne RJ 
Khan MFControl Theory, Control Applications, Computational Biology.
Kilic O 
Liu J 
Mohamed MSK 
Mu J 
Onyeka AE 
Wang L 
Wei MStudy of Financial System Stability using Control Theory

Intelligent Interactions PG

Student NameSubject
Alsedais RAA 
Alsufyani H Pattern Recognition, Information Fusion, Computer Vision and Image Processing
Alsufyani N 
Bagherian E 
Baker JM 
Catley E 
Chauhan S 
Choudhrey S 
Gherman BG 
Green MWDigital Media, Human-Computer Interaction, Web Development
Gu C 
Guness SP 
Hu Y 
Islam T 
Komliki C 
Lee JASocial Networks, Mobile Sensing, Sentiment Analysis, Social Psychology
Li C 
Matsangidou M 
Moser S 
Motoc IM 
Nicholls BPP 
O'Brien JA 
Oprea P 
Otkhmezuri B 
Pan S 
Pg Hj Mohd Yassin DH 
Putjorn P 
Robertson J 
Rodrigues SJIntelligent Flame Detection Incorporating Burner Condition Monitoring and On-Line Fuel Tracking
Sanjayan S 
Spanogianopoulos S 
Wang M 
Wang X 
Wu Q 
Ye B 

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