Staff directory


PhotoStaff NameJob TitleSubject
Ahmed QZLecturer in Communications 
Alade TTLecturer in Mobile CommunicationsWireless Communications and Networking
Ang J (CS)Senior Lecturer in Multimedia/Digital SystemsHuman Computer Interaction, social computing
Batchelor JCReader in Antenna TechnologyAntennas, Passive Wireless Sensing, RFID, RF materials
Bobrowicz ASenior Lecturer in Digital ArtsArt History, Digital Culture, Digital Media, Human-Computer Interaction
Byers Brown DSenior LecturerAnimation
Deravi FReader in Information EngineeringPattern Recognition, Image Processing, Computer Vision
Efstratiou CLecturer in Ubiquitous ComputingUbiquitous Computing, Mobile Computing, Social Computing, Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks.
Fairhurst MCProfessor of Computer VisionComputer Vision, Image Processing
Gao SProfessor of RF/Microwave EngineeringAntennas, smart antennas, small antennas, phased array, MIMO, satellite antenna, RF/microwave/mm-wave/THz circuit, satellite communications, wireless power transfer and radars
Gomes NReader in Broadband CommunicationsOptical Communications
Guest RMSenior LecturerPattern Recognition, Biometrics and Security, Digital Systems, Software Engineering
Hoque SLecturer in Secure Systems EngineeringComputer Vision, Security and Encryption
Howells WGJReader in Secure Electronic Systems ICMetric based security technology. Biometric and Pattern Recognition techniques
Kelly SWSenior Lecturer in Electronic EngineeringMedical Electronics
Lee PSenior Lecturer in Electronic EngineeringEmbedded systems, Reconfigurable systems and architectures, Image processing
Lu GSenior Lecturer in Electronic InstrumentationInstrumentation, Digital Imaging, Image Processing
Marcelli GLecturer in Engineeringcomputational models for cell mechanics, cell signalling and financial problems - instrumentation for swallowing rehabilitation.
Misek DLecturer in Digital MediaDigital Film Making
Oven RLecturer in Electronic EngineeringSolid State Electronics
Pepper MGHonorary Senior LecturerMedical Instrumentation
Sanz Izquierdo BLecturer in Electronic SystemsAntennas, microwaves
Sirlantzis KLecturer in Image Processing and VisionComputer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Computational Intelligence, Biometrics, Robotics
Spurgeon SKProfessor of Control Engineering and Head of SchoolRobust and Nonlinear Control, Condition Monitoring, Control Applications
Walczowski LTSenior Lecturer in Electronic EngineeringInternet Technology, E-Learning, Mobile Applications
Waller WAJSenior Lecturer in Electronic EngineeringVLSI Design, Silicon Compilation
Wang CLecturer in Electronic SystemsMicrowave Photonics, Optical Communications, Biophotonics, Optical Sensing
Wang JProfessor of TelecommunicationsWireless Mobile Communications
Yan XLecturer in Control EngineeringControl Theory and Applications
Yan YProfessor of Electronic InstrumentationInstrumentation, Measurement, Sensors, Digital Signal/Image Processing
Young PRSenior Lecturer in Electronic EngineeringMicrowave Engineering, Antennas
Zhang QLecturer in Control EngineeringIntelligent Control, Computational Intelligence, Multi-Objective Optimisation and Applications
Zhu HLecturer in CommunicationsWireless Communications and Networking


PhotoStaff NameJob TitleSubject
Ahmad EJGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Anelone AJNGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Choudhrey SSGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Cole AJGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Haciosman MGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Henderson MPJGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Khan MFGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Lee JAGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Liu JGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Moser SJGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Ng CCHGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Noor SGraduate Teaching Assistant 
O'Brien JAGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Robertson JJGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Skowron MKGraduate Teaching AssistantDigital Visual Effects for Film and TV
Wei MGraduate Teaching Assistant 


PhotoStaff NameJob TitleSubject
Abreu MCDCHonorary Research AssociateWorking with Professor Fairhurst - Multi-source biometric processing
Bin Azhar MAHHonorary Research AssociateComputer Vision and Image Processing
Collier RJHonorary Senior Research Fellow 
Curston HHonorary Lecturer 
Davies PAEmeritus ProfessorOptical Communications
Drinkwater AJHonorary Lecturer 
Esdale MHonorary Lecturer 
Haxha SHonorary ResearcherOptical Communications
Isenberg CHonorary Lecturer 
Jastrzebski AKHonorary Reader in Electronic EngineeringMicrowaves, Wireless Communications, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Multimedia Systems
Oliver JVHonorary Research FellowWorking wih Ania Bobrowicz on Engagement with Virtual Worlds
Parker EAEmeritus Professor of Radio CommunicationsFrequency Selective Surfaces, Antennas
Sakel MHonorary Senior Research Fellow 
Sharp PHonorary Research FellowSpeech assessment, speech therapy, instrumentation
Sklikas PSHonorary Research Associate 
Sobhy MIEmeritus Professor of ElectronicsMicrowave Engineering, Solid State Electronics
Vieira LCHonorary Lecturer 
Wayman JLHonorary Professor of Biometric Indentification TechnologyBiometric Technologies

Professional Services

PhotoStaff NameJob TitleSubject
Atkins DEDI Project Officer 
Baker TCTea Bar Supervisor 
Barron CPSchool Administration Manager 
Birch CWorkshop Manager 
Bowman AAcademic Support OfficerI Manage the student administration. Responsible for timetable changes. Secretary to various School Committees. I am also the School’s Student Support Officer providing welfare guidance and support.
Brazier ADWorkshop Technician 
Brazier KJSenior IT Technician 
Brookman ATExperimental Officer (Engineering) 
Buswell EAAcademic Assistant 
Butler CRExternal Services OfficerDeveloping the School's marketing strategy, managing the student experience, fostering new business development and collaboration, strengthening our alumni community. EDI Rep and Harassment Contact.
El-Kharrat AEKDigital Arts Technician 
Ellis MKDirector of IT & Technical ResourcesIT Management, IT Service Development & Deployment, Building Management, Planning and Strategy, Space and Resource Allocation, Building and Lab Security, Health and Safety
Galloway JATechnical Support Technician 
Jakes SLSpecialist Workshop Technician 
Jumel KEU Project Manager 
Lowry SClerical Assistant 
Lozanska NCClerical Assistant 
Lui ECWIT TechnicianIT Support
Mendoza Mendoza AGTechnical Support Centre Technician 
O'Connell DMEngineering Workshop Technician 
Power FXFinance Assistant 
Rashid FEmployability OfficerProviding a dedicated employability service, supporting students through placements and skills enhancing activities to produce successful graduates.
Razzell LJTechnical Supplies TechnicianProcessing student and staff deliveries. Technical support for electronics engineering and digital arts.
Scamp JLTechnical Services Clerical AssistantClerical Assistant | Artist/Designer
Sinnock PDIT and Technical Services Manager Technical and IT Service Management, ITIL, Change Management
Sutton TJRecruitment AssistantRecruitment.
Thompson TEPA to the Head of School and Examinations Coordinator 
Twyman HESenior Teaching Technician 
Wood ZFinance OfficerI Manage the Financial Operations of the School, including Budgeting, Expenses Claims, Demonstrators Allocations, Contracts & Timesheets, Payment of In-House Scholarship Maintenance & Fee Grants.
Zhang YIT Support Technician 


PhotoStaff NameJob TitleSubject
Assimakopoulos PResearch Associate 
Gillham MDAResearch Associate 
Luo QResearch AssociateAntenna array; Reflectarray; Multiband Antenna; Antenna minimization
Miguel-Hurtado OResearch Fellow 
Nkansah AGResearch AssociateWith Dr. Gomes
Osman HVisiting Research AssociateULOOP - FP7 Grant 230 322217
Qin FReseach Assistant 
Rashid Mir UResearch Associate 
Sun JYNewton International Fellow 
Sun LJResearch Associate 
Swaisaenyakorn SResearch Assistant 
Taylor PResearch AssociateWorking with Dr. Batchelor
Ziai MAResearch AssociateEPSRC Grant 230 25874 - Digital Fabrication of UHF Electromagnetic Structures


PhotoStaff NameJob TitleSubject
Epsley BEAssistant Lecturer 
Esdale MAssistant Lecturer 
Farrall AJAssociate Lecturer 
Green MWAssistant LecturerDigital Media, Social Computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Web Development
Horne ESpecialist Associate Lecturer 
Milton JAssociate LecturerDocumentary, film, digital video and radio and TV news
Shore CAssociate Lecturer 


PhotoStaff NameJob TitleSubject
Brockly MVisiting Research AssistantWorking with Richard Guest
Cai YMVisiting PhD Student 
Cui XVisiting Academic 
Goff CVisiting Professor 
Hepsaydir EVisiting Professor 
Hossain MDMVisiting Research Associate 
Martin EVisiting ScholarWorking with Professor Spurgeon
McDonald-Maier KDVisiting ProfessorDigital Systems
Miles RVisiting Research Associate 
Nasri YVisiting Researcher 
Neve MJVisiting ResearcherWorking with John Batchelor
Neve MJVisiting ResearcherWorking with John Batchelor
Orlov YVisiting ProfessorControl Engineering - Working with Professor Spurgeon
Smithard DGVisiting Reader 
Tang XVisiting Researcher 
Tasker PVisiting Professor in Integrated Systems DesignIntegrated Systems Design
Taylor PVisiting Research AssociateWorking with Dr. Batchelor
Wang TVisiting Senior Research Fellow 
Worley AVisiting ResearcherWorking with John Batchelor
Xu CVisiting ProfessorStudy of Biomass/Coal Flow Characteristics through Sensor Integration and Multi-Scale Data Fusion
Xu WVisiting Scholar 
Yuan HVisiting ResearcherWorking with Professor J. Wang
Zhang SVisiting Researcher 
Zheng SVisiting Scholar 

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