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Virtual buddy scheme

The virtual buddy scheme aims to ease the process from application to arrival at the University of Kent. We know that starting a postgraduate course can be somewhat daunting, so we have a team of trained student volunteers, known as buddies, who are on hand to help and advise you. All our buddies are postgraduates themselves and have great insight into life in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts. Our buddies can, for example, answer questions about life at Kent, advise on living costs, where to shop, finding the best student deals and making the most our excellent links to London and Europe.

Details of our buddies are listed below. If you would like to communicate with one of them, please email, and we will ask them to contact you, in order that they can chat to you, through Google+ 'hangouts', at a mutually convenient time.

Iulia Motoc

Iulia MotocI am a PhD student at School of Engineering and Digital Arts (EDA), University of Kent. My research is based on robotics, which includes developing grasping and walking algorithms for humanoid bipedal robots. I am originally from Bucharest, Romania, and I moved to the UK in September 2012, when I started my MSc in Information Security and Biometrics at EDA. I have decided to come and study at University of Kent because it gives you lots of choices after graduation, being one of the best universities in the UK.

When I think about EDA and University of Kent, I think of a warm, enthusiastic and friendly environment, which gives you the opportunity to develop your professional life by learning new interesting things, and your personal life by meeting people from all over the world. Canterbury is not one of UK’s biggest cities, but it is a city worth living in, with a really lovely history, lots of good places to enjoy a night out with your friends and lots of good shops.


Mark Esdale

Mark Esdale

After 30 years of working in the technology business (mostly in commercial aviation), I returned to education to study an MSc at the University of Kent. I live near Canterbury with my wife and two sons and University of Kent was the obvious choice of the four universities in Canterbury. Being an older student (I am 56), life is a bit different from when I was an undergraduate in London in the early 1980s. The environment for mature students is very supportive and my fellow students - old and young - are great to study with.

Having passed my Masters degrees, I went on to embark on a PhD, in which I am slowly coming to a conclusion (hopefully). I enjoy the facilities offered in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, as well as around the campus in general. I don't live in university accommodation, but we live close to the city, so often eat out there, visit the theatre or cinema and, of course, shopping. In my spare time - what little there is after studying and looking after the family - I enjoy cooking and gardening. I do archery as a sport and I play cribbage every week.


Esra Aral

Esra Aral

My name is Esra and I'm from Turkey. I completed my MSc in Digital Visual Effects at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts in 2014 and am currently pursuing a career as a VFX compositor.

I chose Kent because I thought the programme was a good fit for me as someone with limited background in this area. The Digital Visual Effects course is great not only because it lets students explore the different areas in VFX but also provides them with the groundwork and essential skills in only a year. During my studies, I stayed at Woolf College, the designated postgraduate accommodation on campus, which was possibly one of the best things about my experience at Kent. If you have any questions about the programme, or life here at Kent, I'd be happy to answer them.



Kenny Adefila

Kenny Adefila

Kehinde (Kenny) Adefila received a BEng degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria in 2010 and the MSc degree in Embedded Systems & Instrumentation from the University of Kent, U.K. in 2011. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Electronic Engineering with the Instrumentation, Control and Embedded Systems (ICES) Research Group, School of Engineering and Digital Arts, University of Kent. His current research interests include liquid and gas flow measurement, analytical and process instrumentation, sensors and fluid leakage detection.

Kent’s campus setting and state-of-the-art accommodation were some of the unique features that immediately drew my attention to the University while researching an institution within the U.K. to further my academic studies. Most importantly, the course content of the Embedded System & Instrumentation M.Sc. programme encapsulated just about everything I wanted and expected from a taught postgraduate degree in Electronic Engineering. I find the city’s serene and hassle-free atmosphere an absolute delight which also happens to be home to some of England’s most prestigious historic heritage.

In his spare time, Kenny enjoys social gatherings, TV crime dramas and thrillers, movies, casual sport activities, video games and visiting new tourist locations and resorts.


Mengyang Wei

Mengyang Wei

In 2011 I graduated from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics receiving a BSc in International Finance from the Department of Finance, School of Economics. When I began my undergraduate career, little did I know that my interest in finance would burgeon into a passion and inspiration to further my studies overseas. During the four years in university, I have learnt a great deal about Finance, and I found it both challenging and fascinating. So I want to develop my study about finance, not only in the financial aspect but also getting ideas and methods from different areas. Except for the economic theories, I want to learn to think in a more quantitative way when solving financial problems.

After searching many postgraduate courses, the MSc in Engineering with Finance programme at the University of Kent was the one that attracted me most. The course covers a wide range of engineering and mathematical methods applicable to financial problems.

The whole MSc project contains a mix of engineering and quantitative finance modules, which allows the student to combine engineering data analysis and forecast techniques with theories on portfolio management and asset models. The course consists of three types of modules. The first type is traditional engineering modules such as Advanced Control Systems and Advanced Pattern Recognition. The second type is mathematical modules which introduce the popular quantitative methods used in finance, such as probability and statistics for finance and financial engineering. The third type is the more finance-focused modules such as Portfolio Theory & Asset Pricing Models, and Financial Engineering.

After one year of study, I have gained a lot of engineering and mathematics knowledge that can be applied to the finance area. Also I have enhanced my skills in presentation and team work as well as in programming, using software such as MATLAB and Excel VBA. I found the financial engineering project very interesting and worth studying deeply. I have now decided to continue my study to a PhD research project, which focuses on the study of stability of the banking system using control theory.


Dumtoo Oyeka

Dumtoo Oyeka

Coming to the University of Kent in 2010 for my Masters is a decision that I will always be happy I made. My choice of selecting the Broadband and Mobile Communication Networks course was an easy one because Nigeria, my native country, is presently experiencing a telecommunications boom and already having a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, I knew the skills I would acquire from the MSc course would help me to make a meaningful contribution to this expansion. The outline and structure of the course content satisfied all that I desired from an MSc course and the School ranking highly in league tables was also a huge factor in making this choice.

I have since started my PhD in Radio Frequency Identification Technology in the School and it has been a very good experience. The members of staff are always at hand to help you with anything you may need.

The environment at the University of Kent gives you a sense of belonging to a community and this is even more pronounced within the School of Engineering and Digital Arts where all the staff and students get on well. There is even a Tea Bar where the staff and students can sit and chat in a very relaxed manner!

The University accommodation is also nice and good value for money. If you decide to stay off-campus there is lots of privately owned accommodation available and there are also good transport links within the city and to the rest of Kent, London and to Europe.

The City of Canterbury also provides interesting things to do during your spare time, from the ever vibrant high-street where you can buy most things you need, to the wonderful garden near the Westgate Towers where you can relax with friends.

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