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Srijittra Swaisaenyakorn

Note SwaisaenyakomI am currently a PhD student and my research field is in Antenna Technology, which is part of the Communications group at EDA. After I finished my MSc taught course in Broadband and Mobile communications at EDA, I was given an opportunity to study for a PhD with an EPSRC scholarship in a project called “Low power bodyworn antenna” with Dr John Batchelor. I am interested in this particulat project because it is one of the popular topics in the antenna field. It has many applications including medical and military. By using this technology, it has helped many elderly people not to be hospitalized since they can still be monitored in real time in their houses.

I worked for 5 years in a mobile telecommunications company called “Nokia Siemens Networks” in Thailand before I decided to continue my studies in this field. I chose the University of Kent since the course sounded interesting and the location of the University was very suitable for student life. The taught course provided a good theoretical knowledge in broadband and mobile communications, as well as some industrial knowledge through guest speakers from various companies in this field.

Being at the department for 4 years has given me many valuable experiences; all the academic and supporting staff are very skillful, helpful and friendly. My research involves working with many new software packages and equipment which I had never come across before, but the staff here have made it possible for me to learn new skills and technologies. They help as much as they can. Another good thing is that the School has its own mechanical workshop which becomes very handy when I need to make any practical tools for my research.

Apart from my research, I have been given an opportunity to join the Big Bang team which came up with a nice stand which passed on the concept of microwave engineering used in daily life at the “Big Bang”, a national science exhibition in Birmingham. I have also done some lab demonstration tasks which help to improve my teaching skilsl and my electronic engineering knowledge. The school also has many other activities providing support to high schools in the area that I may or may not have taken part so there are plenty of things to do at the School.

Canterbury is a really nice place. The city itself is very picturesque and has got everything which is essential for student life.

Josh Brand

Josh BrandI am currently a Postgraduate Research Student studying towards a Master's in Science. I joined the School back in 2007 on a three year course for a BEng degree but after two years was offered the opportunity to extend it to a four year MEng course. I can safely say that in my time with the School my life has not been short of opportunities.

When I was looking for potential courses, I had no specific ideas about what I wanted to do at university. However, I did know I wanted to be challenged and that I had an interest in computing and technology. It would be fair to say that I was always curious about how the things I owned, like my PC, music player and so on, worked. I elected to enrol on the CSE course at the University of Kent as I felt it had an extensive range of modules that would educate me in many different aspects of electronic engineering.

Engineering is an area that touches all our lives in one form or another. From the roads we drive on to the items we use every day, electronic engineering is the same. The CSE course can offer you a wide variety of modules from software programming to networking and embedded design. You will always continue to learn and develop over the course of your studies. The School has a brilliant support structure in place which doesn’t simply end at the lectures. There are regular weekly drop in sessions with lecturers in which you can ask them anything. As well as this, the technical staff in our laboratories, IT support desk and workshops are always available to provide help and advice.

During my time as an undergraduate within the School, I have been involved in several different projects that have always challenged me and help me not only build technical skills but also my soft skills such as team working and effective communications. As part of my final year project I worked as part of a group of five students tasked with designing a Tele-Support System. It used many different elements from my course such as networking protocols, embedded design and instrumentation. I can safely say that completing that project was one of the most rewarding parts of my course and I feel that it has really helped to develop me as an individual.

Once I completed my undergraduate course I opted to extend my studies with the School, initially for one year to complete another Masters Degree, with the option to continue on to do a PhD. In this time I have been working on a project processing heartbeat waveforms. It is an area that I am interested in and was offered the position by my undergraduate supervisor. I have had to attend seminars, promote my research and present my work to people outside of the School. In my time as a postgraduate the Schoolt has also allowed me to demonstrate to undergraduate students. I have found this particularly rewarding and have taken great joy in helping fellow students through the same process that I have had to go through at one point or another.

Finally the School has some really great connections to industry. They are always looking to expand on these and are constantly building relationships with new companies. I have to say that the support does not stop once you get your degree. I have been fortunate enough to have been offered a job with Cable & Wireless, which will begin this September. So if you are after a degree that will expand your knowledge and challenge you, whilst supporting you at every step of the way, I can recommend Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Kent.

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