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Portability and creative media projections in public space

Research Group: Intelligent Interactions

Project Details:

In this project you will investigate how interactive designs can bring media out of portable electronic devices (e.g. screens, headphones) and into the public sphere where they can be shared with others. The work will involve the co-creation and display of content in public learning spaces (e.g. park, garden) and the design of an expanded media experience for public space. The designs should be conceived to enable people to participate in hybrid digital-tangible environments are made of media, projections and interactive things.

The PhD student is expected to: (i) analyse current trends and developments in projection, recording and interaction technologies; (ii) prototype locative, recording, interactive and projection systems; (iii) produced site-specific tests of the designed systems (e.g. alpha/beta tests with groups); and (iv) evaluate the systems in the context of engagement and situated learning (e.g. using sentiment analysis, position tracking, visual ethnography).


Strong first degree and Master’s degree in digital media, interaction design or related discipline. Candidates should ideally have strong software skills, and experience with tangible interfaces, media and interaction design.

Further Information: Dr Rocio von Jungenfeld


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