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The research activities of the Communications Research Group are directed towards advanced communications technologies and systems for high-frequency and/or high data-rate wireless systems operating from radio frequency (RF) to Terahertz (THz) frequencies.

The group is actively involved in a number of national and international projects and has an international reputation. Recent projects are involved with photonics and fibre-wireless convergence; mini-antenna/RF identification (RFID)/frequency selective surface (FSS) design; smart antenna, space antennas and RF/microwave/mm-wave circuit design; cloud mobile technologies; fifth generation (5G) mobile communications. The group is well equipped with a wide range of laboratory and computing facilities and diverse software packages for teaching and research support.

Optical Communications Research

Research Areas

Research Project Opportunities

Interested students are invited to look at the list of current projects. Alternatlively students may wish to suggest an appropriate self-selected PhD topic and consult the School for further discussion.

Group Members

Staff - COMMS

Staff NameJob TitleSubject
Batchelor JCProfessor of Antenna TechnologyAntennas, Passive Wireless Sensing, RFID, RF materials
Gomes NProfessor of Optical Fibre CommunicationsOptical Communications
Parker EAEmeritus Professor of Radio CommunicationsFrequency Selective Surfaces, Antennas
Sobhy MIEmeritus Professor of ElectronicsMicrowave Engineering, Solid State Electronics
Young PRSenior Lecturer in Electronic EngineeringMicrowave Engineering, Antennas
Wang JProfessor of TelecommunicationsWireless Mobile Communications
Davies PAEmeritus ProfessorOptical Communications
Gao SProfessor of RF/Microwave EngineeringAntennas, smart antennas, small antennas, phased array, MIMO, satellite antenna, RF/microwave/mm-wave/THz circuit, 5G mobile communication, satellite communications, wireless power transfer and radars
Wang CSenior Lecturer in Electronic SystemsMicrowave Photonics, Ultrafast Optical Imaging, Photonic Signal Processing, Optical Communications, Optical Fiber Sensors,
Sanz Izquierdo BLecturer in Electronic SystemsAntennas, microwaves
Assimakopoulos PResearch Associate 
Collier RJHonorary Senior Research Fellow 
Hepsaydir EVisiting Professor 
Taylor PResearch AssociateWorking with Dr. Batchelor
Alade TTVisiting LecturerWireless Communications and Networking
Wang JBMarie Curie Fellow 
Luo QResearch FellowAntenna array; Reflectarray; Multiband Antenna; Antenna minimization
Oven RSenior Lecturer in Electronic EngineeringPhysical Electronics
Zhu HReader in Communications Wireless Communications and Networking

Communications PG

Student NameSubject
Ahmad EJPhotonics, Electronics
Al Hares MKAEthernet fronthaul development for future 5G network.
Ali WW 
Almoteriy MAAntenna and Channel Modelling for Indoor and Human Body Applications.
Azeez YF 
Carmona Cejudo EWireless Communications
Chen T 
Cole AJMicrowaves, millimetre wave, antennas, waveguide
Edeagu SOCommunications
Habib URadio over Fibre, Millimetre Wave Communication, 5G Mobile/Communication Networks
Hillier A 
Jun SWearable antennas, electromagnetic band-gap structures, ultrawideband (UWB) antennas and 3D printed antenna.
Li W 
Makarovaite V 
Mididoddi CKPhotonics, Ultrafast imaging, Compressive sensing
Nag R 
Nair MMillimeter Wave Mobile Communications, Massive MIMO
Noor SMultiplexing, Radio-over-Fiber, Millimetre Wave Communication, 5G Mobile Communication Networks
Rai RS 
Sabbagh RARWireless communications, Distributed massive MIMO, Pilot allocation.
Shastri AAntennas, energy harvesting and sensing
Soltani S 
Sun Y 
Ullah I 
Wang GPhotonics, opto-electronics, ultrafast optical imaging, wireless optical communication
Wen L 
Xu H5G smartphone antennas, MIMO antenna arrays, decoupling technology, microwave and millimeter-wave antennas.
Yang Q 

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