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Instrumentation, Control and Embedded Systems

The Instrumentation, Control and Embedded Systems (ICES) research group comprises a mixture of well experienced and young and vibrant academics from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts and the School of Physical Sciences. The team works in three complementary research themes - Instrumentation, Control and Embedded Systems. The group has made considerable endeavours to solve challenging scientific and technological problems with a range of industrial organisations through applied research programmes funded through the UK Government and also with many European countries through EU-funded research programmes.

The group's expertise lies primarily in sensors, instrumentation, image processing, signal processing, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), neural networks, robust control and estimation, and embedded system design. Since 2001 the group has published more than 150 peer reviewed journal papers and over 360 refereed conference papers in addition to 26 patents. More than 30 PhD research students have graduated from the group since 2001.

Instrumentation Research

Research Areas

Group Members

Staff - ICES

Staff NameJob TitleSubject
Lee PSenior Lecturer in Electronic EngineeringEmbedded systems, Reconfigurable systems and architectures, Image processing
McDonald-Maier KDVisiting ProfessorDigital Systems
Waller WAJSenior Lecturer in Electronic EngineeringVLSI Design, Silicon Compilation
Yan YProfessor of Electronic InstrumentationInstrumentation, Measurement, Sensors, Digital Signal/Image Processing
Lu GSenior Lecturer in Electronic InstrumentationInstrumentation, Digital Imaging, Image Processing
Sharp PHonorary Research FellowSpeech assessment, speech therapy, instrumentation
Xu CVisiting ProfessorStudy of Biomass/Coal Flow Characteristics through Sensor Integration and Multi-Scale Data Fusion
Sakel MHonorary Senior Research Fellow 
Marcelli GLecturer in Engineeringcomputational models for cell mechanics, cell signalling and financial problems - instrumentation for swallowing rehabilitation.
Esdale MAssociate Lecturer 
Wang TVisiting Senior Research Fellow 
Wei MGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Liu JGraduate Teaching Assistant 
Larsen LClinical Engineer / LecturerBioengineering, medical electronics
Gillham MDAResearch Associate 
Goff CVisiting Professor 
Pepper MGSenior Research FellowMedical Instrumentation
Kelly SWSenior Research FellowMedical Electronics
Yan XSenior Lecturer in Control EngineeringControl Theory and Applications
Spurgeon SKHonorary ProfessorRobust and Nonlinear Control, Condition Monitoring, Control Applications
Anelone AJNSessional Demonstrator 

Instrumentation, Controls and Embedded Systems PG

Student NameSubject
Cugley JAdvanced Flame Monitoring and Emission Predication through Digital Imaging and Spectrometry
Esdale M 
Guo MTemperature measurement of stored biomass using acoustic tomography
Henderson MP 
Hopkins MB 
Horne RJ 
Khan MFControl Theory, Control Applications, Computational Biology.
Kilic O 
Liu JInstrumentation, Measurement, Sensors, Digital Signal Processing
Lockyer CJControl Theory, Engineering Mathematics, Instrumentation, Neural Networks.
Mohamed MSK 
Mu J 
Onyeka AE 
Reda K'Measurement of Rotational Speed and Vibration through Electrostatic Sensing and Digital Signal Processing'
Wang LMulti-phase flow measurement
Wei MStudy of Financial System Stability using Control Theory
Zhang JDynamic signal processing for complex industrial processes

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