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Medical Multimedia Applications and Telemedicine

Intelligent Interactions Research Group

The Department has a long history of research in medical electronics and, over the past ten years, this has increasingly involved the use of multimedia techniques. Current research in this area falls into two broad categories.

The first of these involves the use of multimedia technology to allow physiological data to be presented in a way that facilitates straight-forward and detailed analysis and diagnosis. For example, speech data can be acquired via several different sensors, using a multiparameter speech workstation, and used to produce computer animations of the movement of the various articulators during speech.

The other main area of research is in the field of telemedicine. Our work here is focussed on telecare, whereby patents can be monitored in their own home. This is useful for people suffering from chronic conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes and asthma, but can also be used in acute care, such as monitoring of patients postoperatively following discharge from hospital. More recently, we have been working with the Computing Department on an extension of this work into the monitoring of older people; this should allow many more people to remain in their own homes, rather than going into care homes.

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