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The group has become well known for its work on the theory of Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) and their application to antenna systems. It has been supported by a series of research grants and by many contracts from industry. The research on FSS emerged from a 5 year collaboration with a local company, then C&S Antennas. This led on to the development of dichroic subreflectors- perforated metallic structures giving a frequency dependent transmission response and enabling the antenna to operate at two wavebands simultaneously. Bae funded work on cascaded dichroic subreflectors to produce a triple band microwave feed system for an offset reflector, and also a project on active FSS. Design studies have been carried out for applications extending from microwave to submillimetre wave bands. Work on curved FSS has included an array element by element approach, a systematic design procedure for multiple layer FSS, the application of ray tracing to the modelling of dichroic radomes, in projects funded by EPSRC.

Recent research funding has been for frequency selective properties of buildings and a study of closely packed 'superdense' FSS, particularly a detailed study of their wideband EM screening capabilities as walls for screened enclosures such as offices in hitec buildings. Through funding from EPSRC we have collaborated with the Radio Systems and Telecommunications Group at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Not only has work been carried out at both institutions, but members of staff have regularly exchanged visits. More recently a forum has been established in the UK including our New Zealand collaborators, to bring together several of the commercial and research institutions involved with communications in the built environment. Further information can be obtained from the Wireless Friendly Forum website.

FSS Guide

Please feel free to download our Gentleman's Guide to Frequency Selective Surfaces, by Professor Ted Parker. (~650kB)

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