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Embedded Systems

Instrumentation, Control and Embedded Systems Research Group

The Embedded Systems team are concerned with system design at the conceptual, algorithmic, software and hardware levels. Because of the ubiquitous and pervasive nature of modern electronic systems, the Embedded Systems Team collaborates with many other groups in the School of Engineering and the Sciences Faculty at Kent (including SPS, Biosciences and Computing). Within the School it has particularly strong links with the Instrumentation and Control teams and has developed collaborations with research groups in Austria, France, Germany and Italy. It has a good record of obtaining European funding. The team is currently working in the following areas:

• High-speed architectures for real-time image processing
• Real-time signal processing for optical sensors
• Computer Vision and Computational Photography
• Heterogeneous Computing Architectures
• Reconfigurable Devices and Architectures
• VLSI and ASIC Design
• Application Specific Signal Processors (ASSPs)
• Novel signal processing architectures based on logarithmic arithmetic
• Very Low-Power Circuit design using Adiabatic Logic
• Embedded Systems for Robotics and Control

The current project portfolio includes a mix of near- and long-term research activities with funding from a variety of different sources. It maintains strong links with industry through the Electronics Systems Design Centre (ESDC), which is also located in the School.

Selected Projects

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