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Autonomously Assessing Influence of an Individual based on their Social Networks Postings


The project will demonstrate a tool that can autonomously assess whether an individual is influential amongst their peer group by automated analysis of online social networking content; observing how rapidly, widely and deeply ideas originating from a particular individual propagate through the Facebook graph of their social network contacts.

Messaging between participants will be monitored and fitted into a model. Software agents will be developed to observe how information propagates through the visible graph. By the form of spreading of information, the agent will assess how influential the users are amongst their peers.

This is a collaborative project between the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, the School of Psychology (Dr. Karen Douglas) and Roke Manor.

Team Members

School of Engineering and Digital Arts, Jennison Building, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NT

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Last Updated: 30/08/2017