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ΣID - An Exploration of Super Identity

This cross-disciplinary research project (involving expertise in the areas of computer science, psychology, law and anatomy) represents a £1.9M investment by EPSRC under their Global Uncertainties Programme and is a collaboration between the universities of Kent, Bath, Dundee, Leicester, Southampton and Warwick in the UK and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the US. The project also has representation from several governmental and industrial stakeholders.

The challenge within this project is to address the issue of ‘who we are’ through the development of a Super-Identity model (ΣID) in which multiple signallers of identity, including physical/real-world/biometric information and cyber identifiers, are combined. The result will be a rich concept of identity with which individuals are content, and in which users have confidence. The aims of ΣID are articulated through three objectives: (i) to combine identity measures across real and cyber domains in order to inform identification decisions in the face of partial and changing knowledge, and uncertainty; (ii) to uncover hidden data, and relationships between data, which can enhance informed decisions and prediction of identity; and (iii) to quantify the certainty of an identification by quantifying the reliability of each contributing measure.

The research work at Kent will focus on the computer-based evaluation of biometric indicators of identity. Specifically we shall evaluate biometric measures from a range of modalities and assess identity factor correlations building upon parallel work within the psychological and anatomical communities. Our work will also investigate the effects of external influences on biometric data within the Super-Identity model. Kent will also be involved with the model framework generation and the presentation of model outputs within individual end-use cases.

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Last Updated: 30/08/2017