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Secret Tales of Turner - Augmented Reality App for Turner Contemporary Art Gallery


Augmented reality (AR) enhances the view of our physical real-world environment through computer-generated sensory input such as sounds, images, video, and GPS data. In collaboration with Turner Contemporary art gallery in Margate, a final year Multimedia Technology and Design student, Deborah Chua, has created an augmented reality environment which enhances the experience of visiting the immediate surroundings of the Turner gallery. Users can interact with the environment by pointing at an object which triggers the content from the AR app to load to the screen.

Scenes include a virtual reconstruction of the lost pier in Margate, animation of old ships arriving to Margate with goods for sale, virtual Dreamland and its history, old photographs of the Clock Tower and Margate Main Sands beach which is augmented with a virtual donkey, deck chairs and ‘bathing machines’ which were drawn to the beach by horses. The past is merged seamlessly with the present in a truly interactive virtual experience.

The creative nature of the project was recognised with a special prize awarded to Deborah by a London-based Internet company Forward for the most innovative use of cutting edge technologies in the field of digital media.

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Last Updated: 30/08/2017