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Functional virtualisation in fibre-distributed radio access networks


The centralisation of functions in cloud-radio access networks allows for functional virtualisation – for example, combining similar functions that would appear in many base stations into one entity, or separating different functions from a number of base stations according to functionality rather than its occurrence in any particular base station. This can lead to flexibility in the placement of functions in the network, and their programmability. Future networks may require different functional splits than is currently the case. This work examines the functionality in fibre-based radio access networks and examines performance optimisation through intelligent monitoring and control operations. It is supported by the EU research project iCIRRUS which is coordinated by Nathan Gomes, and includes as partners ADVA (UK), Orange (France), Telekom Slovenije (Slovenia), Primetel (Cyprus), Wellness Telecom (Spain), HHI (Germany), University of Essex (UK), JDSU (UK) and IAF (Germany) (

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