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Photonics-Enabled High-Throughput Terahertz Coherence Tomography

Coherence tomography has become a powerful tool for cross-sectional (3D) imaging of the internal structure of an object in a non-invasive manner. THz coherence tomography offers a good combination of resolution and penetration, and has found recent practical applications for non-destructive testing (NDT) in medical imaging, material characterization, sensing, and security systems. However, compared to its well-developed counterparts at microwave and optical frequencies, basic research and advanced technology developments in THz coherence tomography are very limited due to the lack of convenient broadband THz sources.

This project aims to develop a completely new type of real-time THz coherence tomography based on novel photonics techniques, enabling high-throughput tomography at an unprecedented axial scan rate of ~50 MHz. The work will build on Kent expertise in photonics and microwaves (such as optical coherence tomography, ultrafast optical imaging, photonic generation of microwaves/mm-waves, microwave/mm-wave engineering), and VUB expertise in THz (for example, spectroscopy, sensing and imaging in the sub-THz frequency range).

This project is supported by the University of Kent 50th Anniversary PhD Studentship.

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