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Nick Martin

BAE Systems, Kent

BAE SystemsElectronic Systems Rochester – a division within BAE Systems Inc, a global leader in defence, aerospace and security services – has a long association with the University of Kent School of Engineering and Digital Arts. Our involvement with students includes the provision and supervision of student projects, and the secondment of students on industrial placement.

We find the students from the School well prepared technically and behaviourally for the challenges and pressures of industrial work. They are enthusiastic and keen to learn from their experience in industry. Projects and placements give us and the students an excellent opportunity to get to know one another, and the experience can be extremely rewarding for both parties.

Furthermore, when graduate recruitment opportunities arise it makes sense for us to consider students we have already worked with, and who have decided that they enjoy the work and the environment we offer. Indeed, some of our most promising young engineers are EDA graduates.

Paul Stephen

Sagittarius, Kent

RDDSSagittarius is a strategic digital marketing agency focusing on website design & build, user experience, search engine optimisation, pay-per-clck advertising and social media campaigns.

We have taken a number of Multimedia Technology and Design Degree students for a year in our company - our first one back in 2004. Importantly, we have also gone on to employ 5 of them when they graduated. We have found these students have had a great grounding during their first 2 years of their degree course – so we have been able to get them up to a commercial level within weeks of their arrival with us – a win/win for all concerned.

James Sullivan

RDDS, Kent

RDDSRDDS Avionics Limited specialises in the design and manufacture of video displays and other avionic equipment for use in military and civil aircraft with customers worldwide. Over the past six years we have been working closely with the School of Engineering and Digital Arts at the University of Kent in particular, offering supervised industrial placements. During this time, our business has been fortunate to benefit from the skills and enthusiasm of a number of outstanding students many of whom have returned to full time employment with us following their graduation.

The Industrial Placement scheme provides both employers and students with opportunities that might not otherwise exist. From an employer’s perspective, we benefit from having motivated, recently educated staff join us bringing with them new ideas and perspectives that can be applied to existing problems. From the student’s point of view, they have the chance to experience life in the workplace and develop their skills working alongside experienced engineers.

To date, our relationship with the University of Kent and the Industrial Placement Scheme has been both worthwhile and highly rewarding. I would have no hesitation in recommending the scheme to employers and students alike.

Pete McLeod

Speech Link Multimedia Ltd, Kent

SpeechLinkWe have recently employed our third graduate from the MTD course. A productive member of the team from day one; we are extremely impressed with both his creative input and ability to acquire relevant technical knowledge quickly. His ability to capture requirements and produce excellent work means we are moving on rapidly with several projects.

We hope to continue the highly beneficial relationship between our company and EDA in the years to come.

Caroline Hunter

GForces, Kent

GForcesThrough technology and marketing innovation, GForces Web Management deliver the most effective digital strategies for market leading Dealer Groups and Manufacturers. We have taken on five interns over the past two years offering experience in Design, Marketing, Development, Media Services, QA and Project Management. We have rotated our interns through various departments to help them find their niche in which they would like to progress further. This approach has been very rewarding to our interns who have been able to develop skills in a multitude of areas.

We have found the students from the University of Kent enthusiastic to our hands on approach and willing to learn. In particular one of our interns showed real initiative working in our product development team and has been kept on as an employee to carry on his project whilst finishing his final year.

We have truly benefitted from the contributions of our interns making our relationship with The University of Kent extremely rewarding for us and the students alike. So much so we are doubling the internships on offer in September this year.

Mark Hopkins

ITW Switches, Berkshire

ProconThe student who came to work with us from the University of Kent was able to provide skills and expertise which we did not have in our business at that time. As a result, we were able to bid for business we could not have undertaken previously.

Mark Hopkins

Procon Engineering, Kent

ProconProcon Engineering has sponsored several postgraduate student projects over the past few years. The company has found the students to be technically very capable and resourceful, and they are backed by excellent guidance and supervision from the staff of the university. The results of many of these student projects are embodied in our company products, which have met with much commercial success. The students concerned have often stated that they found the industrial experience rewarding, and we trust the university has benefitted from the diversity of industrial projects introduced – it is potentially an ‘everyone wins’ situation!

James Goldsmith

Bühler Sortex Ltd, London

BuhlerI'm managing our current software placement student from Kent, Martin Henderson. I have been impressed by his enthusiasm and willingness to take on new challenges. He settled quickly within the department, and has shown us that he is technically very capable and eager to learn further. I am confident that he is ready to take on any task that we might throw at him.

Vincent Schifflers

Eurocontrol, Luxembourg

EurocontrolWe have had a number of excellent students on placement from EDA and have been very impressed by both the standard of their work and their desire to learn. We have been surprised at the degree to which they have all been capable of working independently in our e-learning development team. In short, they’ve been invaluable to us and their performance has far exceeded our expectations.


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