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Staff and students celebrate Eid al-Adha in EDA

Published: 25/09/2015

Staff and students in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts celebrated Eid al-Adha on Thursday 24th September 2015.  Dr Farzin Deravi and Dr Sanaul Hoque kindly sponsored the morning refreshments in honour of this occasion.

Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى‎ ʿīd al-aḍḥā "festival of the sacrifice"), also called Feast of the Sacrifice, the Major Festival, the Greater Eid, Kurban Bayram (TurkishKurban Bayramı;Serbo-Croat-Bosniankurban-bajram), Eid-e-Qurban (Persian: عید قربان‎), and Bakr Eid or Bakrid (HindustaniUrdu: بقر عید ‎), is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to honour the willingness of the prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his young first-born sonIsmail (Ishmael) as an act of submission to God's command and his son's acceptance to being sacrificed, before God intervened to provide Abraham with a Lamb to sacrifice instead.

Eid al-Adha is celebrated through family and friend gatherings, meals (especially lunches and late breakfasts), wearing new clothes, and giving gifts.

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