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Hi ! This is Osama Alluhaibi. I'm a Ph.D. Reserach Assistant witht the Wireless Commnications Group at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts (EDA). 

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University of Kent

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Ph.D. Reserach Assistant with the Wireless Commnications Group 
Research in Massive MIMO Millimeter Wave Mobile Communications 5G. 

Current Research: Beamforming for Millimeter Wave Systems (5G) with a focus on Massive-MIMO and Large Scale Antenna Arrays (LSAS). Millimeter-Wave Communications: 3D Theoretical Analysis, Millimeter Wave Channel modeling. Smart-antennas. Phased arrays.

My other interests are in RF Design, Resource Management, Intelligent Network, ( Linux, Fedora Extra, Fedora Workstation) programming and operating system.

In a past life, I was an Engineer. I have worked on the construction of power stations ABB, ( Intelligent Network, value-added service (VAS) and IT) in telecommunication companies.

School of Engineering and Digital Arts, Jennison Building, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NT

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