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Communications PG

Student NameSubject
Abu-Amara ASDN Traffic Steering in 5G Fronthaul
Ahmad EJPhotonics, Electronics
Aighobahi AEWireless communications, Radio-over-fiber systems, microwave and millimeter-wave communications
Al Hares MKAEthernet fronthaul development for future 5G network.
Albasry HRJ 
Ali WW 
Alluhaibi OAJHybrid Beamforming, Massive MIMO, Millimeter Wave Mobile Communications
Almoteriy MAAntenna and Channel Modelling for Indoor and Human Body Applications.
Alshammari ADigital Communication Security, Chaos, Spread Spectrum, FPGA
Azeez YF 
Carmona Cejudo EWireless Communications
Chen T 
Cole AJMicrowaves, millimetre wave, antennas, waveguide
Daghal AWireless Communications, Device-to-Device Communications
Edeagu SOCommunications
Habib URadio over Fibre, Millimetre Wave Communication, 5G Mobile/Communication Networks
Hillier A 
Huang P 
Husbands RWireless Communications
Jun SWearable antennas, electromagnetic band-gap structures, ultrawideband (UWB) antennas and 3D printed antenna.
Kai YWireless communication, Performance analysis
Khadka A 
Lewis-Smith C 
Mahbas AJ 
Makarovaite V 
Mao C 
Mididoddi CKPhotonics, Ultrafast signal processing
Mohammed H 
Nag R 
Nair MMillimeter Wave Mobile Communications, Massive MIMO
Noor SMultiplexing, Radio-over-Fiber, Millimetre Wave Communication, 5G Mobile Communication Networks
Rai RS 
Raoof RAWireless communications, Distributed massive MIMO, Pilot allocation.
Shastri AAntennas, energy harvesting and sensing
Sun Y 
Wang GPhotonics, opto-electronics, ultrafast optical imaging, wireless optical communication
Xu H5G smartphone antennas, MIMO antenna arrays, decoupling technology, microwave and millimeter-wave antennas.
Zhang L 

Instrumentation, Controls and Embedded Systems PG

Student NameSubject
Cugley JAdvanced Flame Monitoring and Emission Predication through Digital Imaging and Spectrometry
Esdale M 
Guo MTemperature measurement of stored biomass using acoustic tomography
Henderson MP 
Hopkins MB 
Horne RJ 
Khan MFControl Theory, Control Applications, Computational Biology.
Kilic O 
Liu JInstrumentation, Measurement, Sensors, Digital Signal Processing
Lockyer CJControl Theory, Engineering Mathematics, Instrumentation, Neural Networks.
Mohamed MSK 
Mu J 
Onyeka AE 
Reda K'Measurement of Rotational Speed and Vibration through Electrostatic Sensing and Digital Signal Processing'
Wang LMulti-phase flow measurement
Wei MStudy of Financial System Stability using Control Theory
Zhang JDynamic signal processing for complex industrial processes

Intelligent Interactions PG

Student NameSubject
Alsedais RAAPerson Re-Identification, Soft-Biometrics and Feature extraction
Alsufyani H Pattern Recognition, Information Fusion, Computer Vision and Image Processing
Alsufyani Ncomputer vision, Pattern recognition, biometric and security.
Bagherian E 
Baker JM 
Catley E 
Chauhan S 
Chikomo M 
Choudhrey S 
Green MWDigital Media, Human-Computer Interaction, Web Development
Intarasirisawat JHuman Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Game and Virtual Reality, Cognitive Psychology
Islam T 
Kanumuru LK 
Komliki C 
Lee JADigital Experience Sampling Method, Mobile Sensing, Cognitive Psychology, Mood, Emotion, Social Networks, Sentiment Analysis
Lunerti C 
Matsangidou MVirtual Reality Neurorehabilitation and Pain Management
Moser S 
Motoc IMRobotics, AI, Machine Learning, STEM Education
Nicholls BPP 
O'Brien JAImage analysis
Oprea P 
Otkhmezuri B 
Pan S 
Putjorn PICT4D, Mobile learning, Ubiquitous learning, IoT
Robertson JBiometrics, Usability, HCI
Sanjayan S 
Spanogianopoulos SNonholonomic robot motion planning and control
Tabbaa LAN 
Wang M 
Yadav S 

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