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My academic background includes HCI studies with specialisation in psychology and immersive technologies. More specifically, after graduating from high school with distinction (Grade: 19.62/20), I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in 'Communication and Internet Studies' from the Cyprus University of Technology (Grade: 7.84/10) and, subsequently, a Master’s Degree in 'Social and Developmental Psychology' from the University of Cyprus. This was completed with distinction and received the 1st price award of the faculty of Social Sciences and Education (Grade: 9.28/10). During my postgraduate studies, I also obtained a second Master’s degree in 'Communication and new Journalism' at the Open University of Cyprus (Grade: 8/10). In an attempt to enrich my knowledge and skills in quantitative and qualitative methodology, I attended Summer Schools at the University of the Aegean and Cyprus University of Technology for 'Special Courses Methodology Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis' and 'Research Methods in HCI' respectively. Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate in school of Engineering and Digital Arts at the University of Kent.

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I have pursued every opportunity to gain working as well as research experience in the area of my main interest. My internship at 'Evresis CRM/Loyalty Marketing Specialists' company was my first initiation into how an accumulated knowledge of years of studies can be put into practice. More importantly, during my Ph.D., I managed to design a series of studies aiming to investigate the impact of Interactive Games and Virtual Reality on the experience of acute single limp muscle pain. Physiological and psychological responses, such as Electrocardiography (ECG), Electromyography (EMG), and Electrodermal activity (EDA), as well as subjective reports of pain measures, were used to assess the effect of Virtual Reality and psychological strategies on the experience of pain. Publications in well-reputed conferences and journals, such as INTERACT (Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, by Springer), have been made, whereas other are currently under review. Simultaneously, I was employed in a research position at St Andrew’s Healthcare, Northampton, where I undertook the task of exploring the feasibility of Virtual Reality interventions with individuals living with Dementia, in a secure psychiatric hospital. Furthermore, I have been actively involved in other Virtual Reality projects and publications, such as Virtual Reality for Interpretation Bias Modification effects on anxiety disorders and Virtual Reality for body image and eating disorders. Projects for crowdsourcing in visual pain judgment task, empathy, and emotional pain have also engaged my research interest, whereas my work on this field has been published in the journal of Universal Access in the Information Society.

I am currently a Researcher in Intelligent Interactions Research Lab (University of Kent) and a Visiting and Associate Researcher in Experimental Psychology Lab (University of Cyprus) and Cyprus Interaction Lab (Cyprus University of Technology). In the past, the Cyprus University of Technology employed me twice in the research projects ‘Choose4Greece’ and ‘Choose4Cyprus’, which were Voting advice applications designed by a team of university researchers in Greece (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Cyprus (Cyprus University of Technology), Switzerland (University of Zurich), the Netherlands (University of Twente) and the UK (University of Oxford).


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Matsangidou, Maria, Ang, Chee Siang, Mauger, Alexis R., Intarasirisawat, Jittrapol, Otkhmezuri, Boris, Avraamides, Marios. 2018, Is Your Virtual Self as Sensational as Your Real? Virtual Reality: The Effect of Body Consciousness on the Experience of Exercise Sensations. Psychology of Sport & Exercise
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Matsangidou, Maria, Otterbacher, Jahna. 2018, Can Posting be a Catalyst for Dating Violence? Social Media Behaviors and Physical Interactions. Violence and Gender
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Matsangidou, Maria, Otterbacher, Jahna, Ang, Chee Siang, Zaphiris, Panayiotis. 2018, Can the Crowd Tell How I Feel? Trait Empathy and Ethnic Background in a Visual Pain Judgment Task. Universal Access in the Information Society
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2015 - 2018: 

• EL338: Visual Culture

• EL539: Professional Practice

• EL538: Interaction Design

• EL636: Final Year Project

• EL790: Year In Industry 

School of Engineering and Digital Arts, Jennison Building, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NT

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