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I'm a creative practitioner, media researcher and Lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Kent. I'm part of the Intelligent Interactions research group, and my research interests are collaborative media production, contemporary and interdisciplinary art, hybrid environments, outdoor and mobile projections, and interaction design.

I have presented my artistic, collaborative and research work internationally at venues such as Media Art Nexus & ON|OFF symposium (Singapore), GLOBALE: Exo-Evolution ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), Edinburgh International Science Festival & Edinburgh International Festival (Edinburgh, UK), NTAA Zebrastraat (Gent, Belgium), NECS & Creativity&Cognition (Europe), and I-Park Inc. (Connecticut, US).

Prior to joining the University of Kent, I worked at the University of Edinburgh (Data Library & Edinburgh College of Art) where I obtained my practice-based PhD in Media Arts "Walking with portable projections", PG Certificate in Academic Practice (Higher Education Academy Fellow) and MSc in Design & Digital Media (Junta de Andalucía TALENTIA scholarship). Previously, I studied arts, design and arts education at the University of Sevilla, Barcelona & Granada (Spain), and at the Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Offenbach am Main (Germany). I hold a BA in Printing Media (Universitat de Barcelona) and a PG Certificate in Pedagogical Adaptation (Universidad de Granada).

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Room 1.06
Jennison Building
University of Kent

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My research is interdisciplinary and concerned with the use of media in the production of creative outputs. With focus on contemporary media art, portability, interactive and mediated environments, participation in public space, perception and media projections. 

Current research projects:

Think Kent lecture: ‘Participatory Digital Arts: Technology and Human Interactions’ –

Currently supervising:

  • Boyd Branch (Portable Interventions: Digital tools for ciritical dialogue)
  • Setthee Boonchoo (Mixed animation with real Actors for display in theater using projection techniques for thai traditional dances)
  • Ayda Majd Ardekani (Reconstruction of histrorical sites with heliodisplay projection)
  • Mayank Loonker (Portability and creative media projections in public space)
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View a full list in the Kent Academic Repository

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Conference item:
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These are the first year undergraduate courses that I am currently convening and teaching:

  • EL399 - Digital Photography
  • EL574 - Designing Media Environments
  • EL642 - Project Design 

I am designing and programming a new second year undergraduate course which started in September 2017, supervise third year undergraduates working toward their final year projects in film and moving image (EL636 - Final Year Project), and contribute to the wild module EL541 - Digital Photography & Image Editing.

In my previous institution, I was involved in postgraduate teaching (courses such as Media & Culture, Digital Media Studio Project, Interdisciplinary Creative Practices, Introduction to Digital Design, Interactive Design Media, Design Context and Community Arts Practice), final year undergraduate dissertation supervision and mentoring potential PhD candidates. 

School of Engineering and Digital Arts, Jennison Building, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7NT

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